5 minutes 14 seconds of wizard101 memes

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During a purge of my old 2012 Apple Macintosh HD, I discovered several pieces of raw footage of my 7-year-old self playing some wizard101, and decided to fill it with memes.
Due to lots of reasons, I shortened it from around 3 hours down to
5 minutes. Also got really lazy while editing, and missed a lot of spots I only noticed after uploading.Enjoy.

Dear EU Meme Ban, please don’t demonitise my channel.

I know I kind of suddenly stopped making videos.. And I am sorry for that.. Although I stopped playing wizards, and making videos.. I noticed your support has not stopped!! I have taken notice to your continued support, and it makes me realize I cant stop!! I can’t let you down :)…
It may not be today, or tomorrow.. But I will be back!!!

September 4th I will be having hand/wrist surgery on my right hand with a few week recovery time… When I do come back, it will probably be after my recovery since I will have little use of my hand lol..
Special thanks to killermonkey975 for the song recommendation

Open -> Wizard101 Online Generator