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Wizard101 is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game created by KingsIsle Entertainment. Players take on the role of students of witchcraft and wizardry to save the Spiral, the fictional universe in which the game is played, and battle enemies by casting spells using a turn-based combat system similar to collectible card games.The game has a sister game called Pirate101.

The fictional universe of the Spiral is divided into several worlds, each of which has multiple areas. Players can unlock these temporarily with “memberships”, or unlock each area permanently with the game’s premium currency “Crowns”. When a wizard first starts the game, he or she will have to choose a Ice, Storm, Fire, Death, Life, Myth, and Balance, each complete with their own set of unique spells and playstyles to come along with them.

The game is based around “duels”: two teams made up of one to four players or computer enemies who take turns casting spells. Spells can reduce the health of enemy creatures, increase the health of friends, add shields which reduce damage, add blades, traps and buffs which increase damage, and more. When a player reduces a computer enemies’ health to zero, they are defeated, while players with a health of zero can be healed by others on their team. When every player or computer on a team has zero health, the other team wins.

As the player progresses, more worlds become available. When wizards level up they gain new badge titles and automatic increases of their base health, mana and energy. Most equipment also has level restrictions. Hobbies such as training pets, fishing and gardening require energy; while crafting not only requires that, but also various resources. Duels can be played against other players in the PvP arena.

The game holds a rating of E10+ from the Entertainment Software Rating Board for crude humor and mild fantasy violence.

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Open -> Wizard101 Online Generator

How to Bot Grub Guardian READ DESCRIPTION

Open -> Wizard101 Online Generator

1. Download it HAS to be this version
2. Download Grub Guardian from the App store.
3. Open and log into grub guardian as normal
4. Set your map and make sure to change pet experience to Wizard101 rewards
5. Click the 3 dots (…) on the side panel of memu and click the mouse
6. When you’re ready, start the recording and then play your grub game as normal.
7. Once you reach the end of the game, make sure to click the “Next” button as well as the “play” button on the next screen.
8. Stop the recording
9. Set the recording to repeat on loop (The thing right next to the cog/gear) and then click play
10. Watch as you gain your gg rewards with little to no effort!
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Open -> Wizard101 Online Generator