GiveawayBest Buy Card10000 C 2MB Firezilla Pet

Open -> Wizard101 Online Generator

Hey youtube this giveaway is from bestbuy giftcard it gives 10,000 crowns or 2month member ship. Its 20 USD. and it also comes with a firezilla pet depending on your level. it can give burnzilla(firezilla card) or others that give the fireblade card. Sub, like, comment for your chance to win!:)-blaze

I hope this helped anyone wondering how to get the stars! You just need to get through the different ‘stages’/’levels’ to reach the devourer! You have until July 6th, 2017 to get earn your FREE 1000 crowns in EverClicker. First 200 at 1 star and the other 800 at 4 stars. Good luck!

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The song I used in the background (I take no credit for it):

Check out the full version of the toontastic song I use for my intro that was produced by

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Open -> Wizard101 Online Generator