How to be UNIP Banned from Wizard101

Open -> Wizard101 Online Generator

Subs are appreciated Feedback is welcome, If you need help don’t hesitate to ask or Send me a message.please take a screenshot of the problem your having and upload it do imgur and link me to it in a message
**IMPORTANT** If this messes with your internet which is 99.99% unlikely to happen but in the rare case it does Follow these steps- Windows Mac should be the same just different cmd prompt

1. Click start in the bottom left (Make sure to run as admin)
2. Type CMD and hit enter
3. A black box will come up, type ipconfig /release
4. Type ipconfig /renew and restart the pc.

Hey, Ive had allot of people comment either asking for their account to be unbanned for to be unmuting. To be clear what this method does is if Wizard101 Has TOTALLY blocked your computer (IP ADDRESS) From ever accessing the game again, Is away around it. Me thinking everyone deserves a second chance. This will NOT unban your account, Which is impossible After an account is banned they actually just delete which is why they never unban accounts via they are already deleted.
I recommend this game if your looking for a new one,

Update 3: Updated Download

How to do this for

If the above video doesnt work, Please check out this article


5/12/2015: IF your account has been permanently banned (not by mac address or IP )I recommend checking out these guys for help.

sorry for the bad graphics of the chat menu but it was the best i could do.

Open -> Wizard101 Online Generator