How To Get 60000 Wizard101 Crowns In Few Minutes Wizard101 Crown Generator

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How To Get 60,000 Wizard101 Crowns In Few Minutes – Wizard101 Crown Generator

Wizard101 it’s one of the most
games in us and the world.
The most important target in this game
it’s save the spiral with the wizards tools.
There is 3 important tools in this game :
Crowns, gift cards and membership.
The most important tool is the crowns and
you can get him with 2 ways :
1. way number one is buy the
from the wizard101 game.
This way are too expensive for the wizard101
players so 90% from the players can’t buy crowns.
Way number 2 is use are new wizard101 crown generator. After big research
Almost all the players use this method to get wizard101 crowns.

Some about this wizard101 crown generator
This method are very easy and simple to use,
Everyone can get crowns from this and it’s totally free.
Please go to site and follow after the video steps.

So how it’s really work ?
We made a new system that call wizard101 crown generator.
After a lot players can’t buy crowns to they account we got a idea
To made new method that everyone can generate 60,000 crowns
To they accounts every 24 hours and for free.
This method try by more than 1000 players and its 100% safe to use.

Important to know that it’s could take few minutes until the
Crowns send to your account so please refresh your account
Every few minutes after you finish your Task.
We made this method after we heard a lot players ask
How to get wizard101 crowns for free.
So if you like our method please like this video and share this
With your friends.
Enjoy from the crowns 🙂

In this tutorial, I show how to use Ninja Ripper to rip game files from Wizard101.


Ninja Ripper Tutorial with 3DS

As somebody pointed out in the comments, you have to target the WizardGraphicalClient.exe in the folder Program Data/Kingsisle Entertainment/Wizard101/bin instead of the Wizard101.exe in the Program Data/KingsisleEntertainment/Wizard101 folder that I pointed it to in this video.

No copywrite infringement was intended in the creation of this video. Credit for all material used goes to its respective original creators.

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