How to level up your pet faster in Wizard101

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Hey guys, Today I thought I’d show you players on Wizard101 how to level up your pet faster. It’s quite easy, all you need is cheat engine. Everything that you need to do is explained through step by step procedure in the video. Please follow each step accordingly. If you come across any trouble, let me know and I’ll see what I can do to help you.

** There will be times that when you do this hack at the start of speed 2x’s, you will probably get disconnected and will have to re login once again. After you have logged in again, do the same thing again, though this time you shouldn’t have any problems. If this happens to you, then I’m sorry, but believe me, you will not be the only person to deal with this issue.***

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I will be making more videos for tips in the game. Till then, take care.

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