How to use Cheat Engine on Wizard101

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Wizard101 is copyrighted to Kingsisle. I do not own Wizard101.
Thanks to Austin SeaBlade for helping! (Also, I don’t play anymore.)
For all you people complaining that this isn’t useful or you’d prefer a coin/crown cheat, be quiet. Speedhacks ARE useful, as they let you move around the world WAY faster, and coin/crown cheats are IMPOSSIBLE. (changes number, not data)
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Most of what is talked about in this video is coming to the live realm, if not ALL of what is talked about is. So it’s not in the live-realm yet but WILL BE soon.

Open -> Wizard101 Online Generator

Wizard101 free crowns no cheat engine

Open -> Wizard101 Online Generator

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Ever wanted more Crowns in Wizard101? In this video I explain how you can get unlimited Crowns in ways that are free, quick and easy!

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Open -> Wizard101 Online Generator