PC games like Guild Wars 2 Wizard101 on Android Thanks Splashtop

Open -> Wizard101 Online Generator

This is part of my Just 1 Gadget Project, listed

Here are the links you’ll

Splashtop website –

– The app for your

I could be wrong about the resolution, it might not matter as far as what you receive on your tablet, but the PC that hosts the streamer will have to work harder if you have a higher resolution picked. Just play with it and see if you can tell a difference, but generally the older the PC (or weaker) the lower the resolution.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment!

This is the only wizard101 crown tool that worked for me I tried so many other ones on youtube but they didn’t even give me a real file. It’s not recommended to add a lot of crowns on your accunt in a short amount of time as this will trigger your account and you may get banned so use at your own RISK!

Open -> Wizard101 Online Generator