Playing Wizard101 on my PHONE *NOT FAKE* | How to Play Wizard101 on Mobile | Ethan101

Open -> Wizard101 Online Generator

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We’ve all been wanting to be able to play Wizard101 on our phones. Sometimes, sitting at a desk in an uncomfortable chair can be very annoying while playing your favorite game. Sadly, Kingsisle will probably never bring Wizard101 to the mobile platform, so this is the closest you’ll ever be able to get to being able to play Wizard101 on your mobile device!

Want me to play Wizard101 on mobile again? Let me know in the comment section down below!

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Playing Wizard101 on my PHONE? *NOT FAKE* | How to Play Wizard101 on Mobile! | Ethan101

Well if you wan to get crowns you to put this



Then all you have to do is buy 10$ worth of crowns in a single purchase and you get all those crowns plus another 1250 crowns, try it and i swear it works!!!But it has to be a new account so you have to create one new account.Good luck!

Open -> Wizard101 Online Generator