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Wizard101 Free Crowns 2014 Generator is for very popular magician MMO game Wizard101. In this game you create your own Wizard. You can feel like Harry Potter or Lord Voldemort. In this game exist own currency calls “Crowns”.Crowns help you quickly improve your Wizard and become the greatest and the most powerful wizard in the whole game. Unfortunately to get crowns you must paid real money, so here I am to give you a Wizard101 Free Crowns 2014. In addition I have created PROOF VIDEO for everyone who do not belive that something like that is impossible to make.
-Unlimited crowns on your Wizard101 game account
-Completely for free, no hide payments
-Safe & Secure by using Proxy Protocol v.2.3


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To continue the 5000 sub summer, A new art contest is now available on where you can show off your inner-art side and try to win 5000 crowns!

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I of course gave her parental controls. First off I love the fact that it has a arrow pointing you in the direction of the jobs you need and any place your character needs to go and gives the number of steps inside the arrow.

Big time bonus for early readers! Me to since I would often get lost at first and the maps are great too. VERY user friendly! For her Parental controls are good because it can definitely be a teen social network at times.

If you do not want your child to read hormone induced teen love chat (at times it seems that way and they even find a way to cuss using allowable words).

Of course there are tons of words that even with no Parental Controls are still filtered. I had been asked my age by some other teens (if they really are) so they find their way to use allowable words to tell ages.

Like tree team for 13. You get it. That would be the only thing if you had little ones who like online gaming, definitely use parental control. There are alot of kids on there with it so they shurley wont feel singled out.

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At LAST A REAL Way To Get Free Crowns and Membership on Wizard101

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This is an odd glitch that happens as soon as I start playing! Closing the game out and logging back in usually fixes it. Strange out of body experience, for sure!

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