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A Glitch with a teleporter!
How to get into a guantlet if you not friend with the owner!
The owner just put a teleporter before the gauntlet, in other house.
Just tell you the type of the house and which category are in the Commons! But you, must find the house from that exactly Visit Castle/Random/Castle type/Visit another(same type) castle, until you find the right one with the teleporter. When you find it, go inside into teleporter. It will ask you if you want to finished the visit, answer yes. Use all the above games free when you transfer in the other house. Is not a glitch. You just need a volunteer with a gauntlet that you need and put a teleporter in other castle and place it in the commons and tell you the category and the type of the Castle, to find it.

Good Luck!

Darude – Sandstorm

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