Wizard101 5 Ways to get free Crowns NO HACKS

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Thanks to Tanner for posting HIS 3 Ways to get free crowns video.

I posted this video because I saw that there were more ways to get free crowns, If you haven’t seen Tanner’s video with some extra explanation you should check that out!

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An helpful tip Austin & Tanner [TLL Team]

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Why are you looking in the description before watching the video completely -.-?
Go back and watch the video and come back later.

o.o Well if your still reading this and didn’t watch it i don’t know what to tell ya but if you did watch it all,
just pretend you never saw the text above :D!

XD Aight this was just a little troll video guys, it isn’t an actual glitch just something we put together xd
if it wasn’t obvious enough. But share with your friends if you wanna troll them c;
anyway the actual legit way of leveling up Super Quick is the link below :)!
Enjoy :

Wizard101 – Level Up Super Fast 2015
Wizard101 – Level Up New Glitch
Wizard101 – Level Up (Don’t Try This, It Doesn’t Work)
Wizard101 – Level Up Troll Video
Wizard101 – Let’s Troll People XD
Wizard101 – Hi, Thanks For Watching.

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