Wizard101 Crowns and Membership Giveaway

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Hey guys what is up it’s ya girl Kg gaming back at it with some Wizard101 Giveaways! All you got to do to be entered is subscribe, like, and drop a comment mentioning if you want crowns or membership ways to get a hold of me or down below if there are any other ways you need to get a hold of me comment down below. THANKS SO MUCH FOR 1,100 SUBS GUYS! I love yall so comment the winners will be announce in a week or so along with some pack giveaways for wiz soon! More Fortnite giveaways as well make sure you turn on them notifications so you get notify for the winners and pack giveaways video! more wiz, fortnite, gta and others content coming soon!!

Psn- Kg_gaming69



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Open -> Wizard101 Online Generator