Wizard101 Crowns Hack Updated 2018

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Hello Guys, Our Crowns hack is updated. We have added membership so you guys can play wizard101 for free. Most of the people reach level 50 easily and then they have problems getting member. This hack is only for level 50 and up.
Link :
Don’t be greedy put low values of crowns :’C

Join the discord to interact with me on and off stream and to meet new people and help eachother out in game!

Follow me on twitter, kinda innactive but still I would appreciate it.

Stream MVP’S
– acewolfplays $230.00
– Blasterrr $32.00
– James $26.00
– Extra_Colin $15.00
– alexandra $15.00
– Pear $2.00
– devpr $2.00
– lets_have_hex $1.00
– brownboii69 $1.00
– TheBlaziken $1.00
– Blaze $1.00
-BelgrimTheLegend $1.00

If you donate you agree to no refunding, so only donate if you can actually afford the ammount.

Open -> Wizard101 Online Generator