Wizard101 How To Get to Warlord At Level One INSTANTLY AND EASY AT AGE 4 & 5 Rank Boost Tutorial

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I recommend using a level one character for this exact method to be easier for you, and so you wouldn’t have to spend a lot of money and time to even start this method

This video will specifically, literally, realisticly, demonstrate you how to bypass and go around the new pvp matchmaking system of age 4 pvp and beyond to still be able to boost your character to warlord.

I don’t care if I get hated so much for this video, all these years you can never find a video like this because all people want to do is post clickbaits, we obviously know who they are lol.
If you got more than one wiz characters just keep doing the same process, delete all the noobs and put them back as level one each time.

SO How to boost in 4th age pvp on wizard101 while the regular matchmaking cheat is patched; note you must have at least 10 bucks and a character lvl 35 or
Best thing to do is start at level one,
Make 4 level ones in a different account separated from your lvl one character that you want to be warlord.
Each character each time, make them get a match for each other, usually takes 10 mins to an hour, if you get a match on the character you want to be a warlord and not on the other character, you can either press quit and go back to character selection, or press quick join another 1v1 and press enter, that way you avoid the 5 minute cooldown from fleeing.
“Make sure both accounts have a membership and a character that has access to crimson fields (a dungeon in mooshu)
Press the button try all opponents so its turned on, this should get you a match with your noob char while you’re still level one trying to get commander.
If you’re a pvp veteran now, make sure to get the other character to level 5 (the one you’re gonna derank and delete soon, let alone dont let them equip any gears) quickest way to lvl up is the crismon fields dungeon.
When you get to pvp captain, Make a new char, do the same thing but get him to lvl 10, dont train any spells.
Its up to you to continue anymore fights, warlord you might gotta make your char lvl 12,
To add more, if you want more than one char to be warlord on your main account, just keep the lvls on the other chars to save time and constantly delete the lvl one chars per battle.
You can either do that, or use the extend character slots elixir as well, and it can be 3 accounts with noobs and one account with warlord too, works any kind of way 🙂

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